The Dog House Spa
Big and small, we love them all!

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Located in the Oakville Bronte Plaza, The Dog House Spa has been serving the Bronte area for over 5 years. The Dog House Spa has a sensitive, even "picky" clientele that is well-served by an experienced and enthusiastic staff.

Veterinarian recommended
Family Owned
All breeds welcome

Is your Groomer, spending enough time with your dog? Too many times we have heard stories about the trust pet owners place in these individuals only to find they keep the pet locked in a cage or small kennel run for long periods of time. We like to give individual attention to each dog by having each one come in one at a time.

Do you have more than one dog needing to be groomed? Bring them in together. A larger block of time may be needed but keeping buddies together can make it a happier experience for them and more time and cost effective for you. We like to keep our pups happy, relaxed and stress free.

If you are new to the grooming world and need a groomer for the first time or just a fresh start from your old one, we encourage you to bring your pet to the Dog House Spa. We will treat your best friend like one of our own!

The Dog House Spa
Oakville Bronte Plaza
2302 Lakeshore Rd, W

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